Our Story

Ever since moving to Napa Valley we have been thinking about how to be more involved with wine beyond simply consuming it.  Failure to win the weekly lottery ruled out buying our own vineyard or starting our own winery.  However, a fateful trip across Europe in 2016 gave us a new inspiration:  we returned home with the mission to become wine importers and start our own retail wine website. 

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During that trip, we met several vintners and winemakers who were interested in sharing their wines with the American market.  Historically, importers have looked to bring wines to the U.S. that can be sold in large quantities, at bulk wine prices, and with a flavor that satisfies the “American palate.” Whatever that means.  These are not the wines we enjoy; we prefer hand-crafted, small-production wines made by dedicated and creative winemakers.  We are betting that there is a market for these types of wines, both domestic and international.  Some of our friends in Napa Valley ask us, “Isn’t there already enough wine here?”  We answered the question “no,” and are on a mission to curate exceptional wines that we enjoy drinking and would purchase ourselves.

Our Wines

There are thousands of different wines available in the U.S. market.  What will be different about our wines?  Our goal is to present our customers with wine from producers that they cannot find at the supermarket, specialty beverage store or online wine retailer.  In the case of wines imported from outside of the United States, we are the exclusive importer for those wines in this country. Period.

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We share wines made by people that we know personally and in most cases have visited their wineries, vineyards or production facilities.  We seek out wines crafted with sustainability in mind and we strongly prefer natural, organic and biodynamic wines.  And finally, while we agree that making wine is a bit of art and science, our favorite wines depend less on chemistry, reflecting varietal and terroir where the grapes were grown.

Our Regions

You might think that living in Napa Valley wine country has skewed or prejudiced our perspective on global wine.  Certainly, there are some fantastic wines being made here from many different varietals and we have much love for our local wines.  But our love of wine is not restricted to Napa specifically but extends to many wine regions across the globe as well as across United States. 

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Wine is produced on every continent except for Antarctica and in nearly 70 countries around the world.  Our goal is to visit as many of these wine regions as we can and have a wide portfolio of locations represented, from both established as well as lesser-known or emerging regions.