Wines of Croatia, Part II: "Original Zin"

We read an article recently in a reputable publication that proclaimed Zinfandel as California’s “heritage grape,” and went on to describe this grape varietal as “a quintessentially American phenomenon.  It’s zesty, rugged and loud, challenging to rear, a lover of barbecue.”  This characterization of Zinfandel is not uncommon and we have even heard more casual More


Croatia Wines: Part I

We import white and red Croatian wines and make them available to U.S. consumers at our Topochines Vino online wine store:   In late 2016 we made our first ever foray to the Balkans, a trip that was planned more or less on a whim and without any goal in mind but to explore More


Ghost Hill Cellars Pinot Noir Blanc - Willamette Valley Gem

This is the latest chapter in our ongoing series of posts about wines and wine makers that we feature on our Online Wine Store.  Our Topochines Vino wine store focuses on small-production wines from family wineries in the United States and Europe.  This chapter is dedicated to one of our newer winery partners, Ghost Hill Cellars More


Vidon Vineyards - Making Wine is Rocket Science

One of the wines in our Topochines Vino Wine Store is from Oregon winery Vidon Vineyard whose winemaker Don Hagge we met recently and enjoyed a tasting of over a dozen of his wines.  The 2016 Vidon Rosé of Pinot Noir is available here for $20.00 per bottle. We recently ran across a book that asserts “wine is not More


This wine maker is a rare cat. And a rarecat.

The inaugural sparkling wine in our Topochines Vino online wine store is an elegant, delicious Cremant de Bordeaux from Napa Valley’s Rarecat label.  Owner Sharon Kazan Harris produces wines in both France and California wine country.  Here’s the story of our first meeting.   We had the opportunity a few weeks ago to meet Sharon More


So long October, and good riddance!

For many in Northern California wine country, October was wicked and haunted indeed.  Today, on the last day of the month, we say goodbye to October 2017 and welcome November with open arms and a spirit of optimism and hope.  Last weekend we took to the car and drove about 250 miles through Napa and More


A nice little hill in Oregon's Willamette Valley

Two of the wines in our Topochines Vino wine store are the product of one of our favorite Oregon wine makers, Wayne Bailey.  We offer both his 2014 Bailey Pinot Noir and his 2014 Cuvee Pinot Noir.  Here’s a bit more about Wayne and his fantastic Willamette Valley winery. Just before Thanksgiving we made a More


Making a small fortune in the wine business

You’ve heard the old joke, right? Q:  How do you make a small fortune in the wine business? A:  You start with a large fortune and lose some of it. A clear sign of our dubious sanity is our decision to become wine importers and online retailers, despite not staring with a large fortune.  Today More


#NapaStrong. Proud of my community.

As most everyone knows, it has been a devastating four days in Napa Valley and neighboring Sonoma County. Devastating wildfires have raged through our communities since late Sunday night, initially driven by winds that gusted at nearly 70 miles per hour.



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